• Lithium Power Pack with Jump Starter

Lithium Power Pack with Jump Starter

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Brand Schumacher Electric
Jump Starter, Fuel Pack, and Back-Up Power all in one! Features: Jump Starter quickly starts vehicles in emergencies. Great for power sports, motorcycles, and 4-6 cylinder cars. Ultralight design makes it 90% lighter then lead-acid starters. Portable, compact design that will conveniently fit in your travel case, backpack, or glove box. Save and protect your vehicle settings while switching out your battery with the 12V Port/Memory Saver. The Ultra-Bright LED Light is an energy efficient LED bulb used as a work light, or to flash as a hazard signal that lasts up to 120 hours. The Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery provides longer life, holds 70% of charge after two years, has 5x more cycle life and 4-5x more cranks than lead-acid battery jumpers. (Automatic Power Off when not in use). The Safe Lithium Ion Protection is spark free and has a built-in safety protection design to prevent over current, short-circuit, overload, over voltage, and overchargeContents: SL1 Lithium Ion Jump Starter/Fuel Pack. (1)Clamp Adapter. (1)USB to Micro USB Adapter. (1)12V Port Adapter. (1)12V DC Adapter. (1)Wall Charger. (1)Black Accessories Case
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